The Last Fifty (S)miles

Day 32: Timberline Lodge to Sandy River Melissa pulled up in front of the Huckleberry Cafe. She's a good friend of ours who has been helping us out, driving from Bend several times to meet us at the trail, re-supplying us with food. Sifting … [Read more]

Olalie Lake to Barlow Pass

Day 29: Olalie Lake to Warm Springs Creek Chance woke up next to his mother in their tent. It was five thirty in the morning, Monday. I walked over to the lake and woke up my face with a cold splash, breaking the glassy water. She hopped in … [Read more]

Shale Lake to Breitenbush Lake

Day 27: Shale Lake to Breitenbush Lake In the morning we were quick to pack camp, making another pass around the lake to talk to hikers who may have seen Jo. I tied my shirt to a log on the side of the trail along with a note describing him, black … [Read more]

Santiam Pass to Shale Lake.

Mile 1998 to 2020 Day 25: Santiam Pass to Three Fingered Jack It was nearing dark, my best friend Jo, was still missing in the woods. We hadn't seen him in five hours. It was the most horrible feeling. Chance was sitting next to me in a small … [Read more]

Elk Lake to Big Lake

Elk Lake to Big Lake Youth Camp. Day 22/23/24. Mile 1960 to 2001 Day 22 - Elk Lake to 1/2 mile past Hinton Creek Hinton Creek was dry as a bone when we got there. Chance and I were standing beside it looking down at the dirt, scratching … [Read more]

Highway 58 to Elk Lake

Day 17: Odell Lake, Day Off Peggy is a Facebook friend whom I had not met until we arrived at Shelter Cove. She owns a cabin a few miles down the highway and invited us back to her place. Ham and potatoes, green beans and biscuits, it was all hot … [Read more]

A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations

Moments before we got back on the trail, I had to tell one of the boys mothers that he wasn't welcome to join us for the remainder of the hike. That was three days ago near Elk Lake. On more than one occasion I spoke with both he and his mom about … [Read more]

Diamond Lake to Shelter Cove

Day 14: Highway 138 to the Oregon/Washington high point on the PCT, 7560' Chance's mom dropped us back off on the side of the highway where she had picked us up. We snapped a few pictures together, after Chance said his goodbyes, we stepped onto … [Read more]

Crater Lake to Diamond Lake

Day 11: This lodge is air conditioned. It feels absolutely amazing. The oversized brown leather chair I've sunk into is soft, worn out and faded. I could fall asleep right now. The mug of black coffee on my armrest is keeping me going. Beyond the … [Read more]

We Are One

Day 9: Crater Lake. We're taking two days off. Our feet are really happy about that. As I was sitting on the bench in front of the Mazama Village Market, Kaya's mom tapped me on the shoulder. She made the drive from Bend today to drop of our … [Read more]